Large oil paintings executed with a meticulous attention to detail and bordering on the photographic. A qualified art psychotherapist (since retired), Cooper’s insistence for precision, clarity and individuality, has earned him a wide reputation with collectors and galleries. Collections include Aberdeen Art Galleries & Museums, Scotland and The Robert Gordon University, Scotland. Works also in private collections throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.



“These highly detailed paintings and drawings have the accuracy and precision of photorealism. It all looks too good to be true however and that initial marvelling at the sheer technical skill displayed soon turns to disquiet. The atmosphere throughout is unnaturally still, not a breath of wind ruffles the prevailing calm and the images have the heightened intensity of moments experienced before something momentous occurs. In some of the paintings this delicate delineation of a mood of anxious expectancy is the central pivot. Other works function more obviously as enigmatic pictorial puzzles, with hidden clues to grip the imagination more fully.”

Beatrice Phillpots (Arts Review)

All images: © David Cooper. All rights reserved, DACS 2019.